Resolving Landscape Services Issues in Harris County, Texas

Are you having trouble with landscape services in Harris County, Texas? If so, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has created an online complaint form to help you report any issues or concerns. Alternatively, you can visit the Houston Permit Center and purchase a W800 ticket in the main lobby for the utility customer service group at Taps & Meters to request a sponsor change in person. Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) are a great way to provide municipal services and infrastructure that serve the public. However, they are not designed to provide drinking water service; instead, they are used to install permanent water services.

Harris Helps is a mobile application that allows Harris County residents to submit non-emergency requests to the responsible county police station using a smartphone or tablet. These requests can range from reporting potholes, trees obstructing roads or traffic, to identifying road closures. A sanitary sewer faucet is when a side sanitary service line provides access to an existing sewer pipe or public sewer located in the right of way in the city of Houston or on a utility easement. After Taps & Meters approves your small water meter request, it will be completed by the new Customer Account Service (CAS) service group.

If you have any billing issues for existing accounts, you can contact the Customer Care Center for assistance. In Operations & Maintenance (O&M), the public entity owns an asset and enters into a contract with an entity in the private sector to exploit it, such as with municipal landscape administration. A large irrigation meter is a water meter that measures 3 inches or more and that serves a property solely for the purpose of watering gardens or livestock.