What is the Cancellation Policy for Landscape Services in Harris County, Texas?

Cancellations for landscape services in Harris County, Texas are ONLY accepted via email. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the service provider of any cancellations, and they will be charged for all work completed. Landscape services do not include the construction or repair of terraces, retaining walls, fences or pools, or the installation of underground sprinkler systems. These activities are considered new construction or the repair or remodeling of real estate, so it is important to separate landscape charges from new construction or repair or remodeling charges, as different rules apply.LMC offers comprehensive commercial landscape services, from planning and design to installation, management and irrigation.

Contacting the office directly allows them to ensure that any changes or needs are correctly noted in the client file and included in work orders, and is the only approved way to change services or provide additional services. Gardening and lawn and plant care services include any work done to maintain or improve lawns, patios, and ornamental plants and trees. Special Touch Landscaping is a professional lawn management company committed to reliable, high-quality lawn care and landscaping at affordable prices. For example, taxes must be paid for the gardening of a sales office, even if it is located in a residential complex.The MUD 501 Board of Directors approved a request from its garbage and recycling provider, Texas Pride Disposal, to begin garbage and recycled material collection services at 6 in the morning.

These services include consultations, research, preparation of design plans, and other engineering or architectural services. All installed works and materials are the property of Special Touch Landscaping and are subject to return until the balance is paid in full. If you design a new residential structure for a contractor, you are responsible for billing and collecting taxes until the contractor issues a certificate attesting that the service is part of an improvement of a building with a new residential structure.In a lump sum contract (a single quantity for materials and labor), the landscaper pays taxes when purchasing the materials and does not collect taxes from the customer. The agreement will be automatically extended and renewed on each anniversary date, not including price changes or the expansion of the scope of service by the customer.

It is important to separate the charge for tax-exempt professional services from any charge for taxable landscape services, or else the total charge will be presumed to be taxable if the taxable portion is greater than 5 percent.Weekly garden visits that Special Touch Landscaping does not make due to rain or inclement weather will be offset by additional hours on future visits. Customers should provide a resale certificate to their supplier when purchasing fertilizers, plants, flower bed borders, herbicides and processed soil, sand and gravel used to care for taxable gardens or lawns.