Do I Need to Be Present During the Landscape Service Process in Harris County, Texas?

As a homeowner in Harris County, Texas, you may be wondering if you need to be present during the landscape service process. The answer is that it depends on the type of service you are requesting. The Harris County Regulations for the Approval and Acceptance of Infrastructure provide guidance on the requirements for infrastructure construction within the county's rights of way. The regulations include Civil Development Regulations & Details, Harris County Flood Control Review Sheet v1910, TxDOT Harris County Safety Final Treatment Standards, Harris County Small Watershed Restrictor Calculations, Harris County Small Watershed Restrictor Study of Small Watershed Restrictors from Harris County, TX Phase 3 Landscape Regulations Information Package, Approved Amendments to Harris County Infrastructure Regulations (Subdivision), Infrastructure Design Manual (Subdivision), Design Manual (Subdivision), Design Manual Design Manual (Subdivision), Design Manual City of Houston Infrastructure Stormwater Quality LID Design Criteria, Chapter 11.086 Water Rights Property (with Affidavit), Business Development Permit Guide, Stormwater Paving Agreement, Appendix C Maintenance Statement, Traffic Project Review Routing Form, Routing Plan Precise Site Plan Dimensioned or Scaled for Existing and Proposed Developments. A complete business development request is required for each area of work.

This includes submission of all required affidavits such as Salvage Depot Permit Request. If you have any questions or need more information, you can send an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The Minimum standards for communities that drain into Harris County are also available. These include downstream easements, Fire Lane Checklist Request for abandonment of floodplain easement and clarification of floodplain easement for the West Little York Bridge over Bear Creek Petition. Determination of acquired rights and New - Amended Salvage Depot Regulations- Modified Salvage Depot Regulations- Modified Rescue Depot Regulations - Harris County Health Department Search Map and Directions are also included in the regulations. The Floodplain Regulations Reference Sheet, Harris County Assessment District, Harris County Fire Marshal Office HW - Household Hazardous Waste Request for Certificate of Compliance and NEW: Request for General Information are also available.

In addition, you can find the Harris County Floodplain Elevation Certificate, Harris County Floodplain Manager and Harris County Floodplain Manager Darrell Hahn, P, E. Harris County Watershed Protection Manager Danielle Cioce, MS, PMP. The Houston Permit Center is located at 1111 Fannin Street 11th Floor in Houston Texas 77002. Here you can find departments such as civil development, traffic, public review, Harris County flood control and stormwater quality. These departments are not designed to provide drinking water service instead of installing a permanent water service. The Harris County Flood Control District is a special purpose district created by the Texas Legislature in 1937 and governed by the Harris County Commissioners Court. In Harris County, a floodplain is generally defined as an area susceptible to flooding due to exceeding channel capacity or due to storm surge. A sanitary sewer faucet is when a side line of sanitary service reaches an existing public sewer main pipe or a sewer located in the right of way in the city of Houston or in a utility easement.

To complete the revision block of the civil review sheet with a brief description of the changes referring to the corresponding pages is necessary. This must be done on the approved civil review sheet (the one with Harris County's signatures). The Harris County regulation for the approval and acceptance of infrastructure was adopted on April 30th 2002 and took effect on May 15th 2002. A large irrigation meter is a water meter that measures 3 inches or more and that services a property solely for the purpose of watering gardens or livestock. You can learn more about the ways that geography and environment affect your flood risk and learn about Harris County's drainage network. You can request a sponsor change in person at the Houston Permit Center by taking out a W800 ticket in the main lobby for the utility customer service group at faucets & meters. Landscape architects can sign and seal landscape plans but a licensed engineer must sign and seal the civil review sheet.

The Customer Account Service staff at the Houston Permission Center can direct you to call the Customer Account Service call center to resolve billing issues for existing accounts. Once Taps & Meters approves your small water meter request it will be completed by the new Customer Account Service (CAS) service group. So do you need to be present during landscape service process in Harris County? It depends on what type of service you are requesting. If it involves submitting affidavits or other documents then it may be necessary for you to be present. However, if it involves signing documents such as landscape plans or civil review sheets then it may not be necessary for you to be present as long as they are signed by an authorized professional.